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Various Artists

In our commitment to ethical music distribution, we strive to empower artists by allowing them greater control over their music. Artists are free to release their tracks on their own platforms without any exclusivity requirements. They also have the option to tailor licensing for their tracks on Arweave. The only non-negotiable aspect is that the compilations on our website remain immutable, similar to a printed book or physical music release. Unlike other labels, where it can be unclear how artists benefit from purchases, we ensure that 100% of proceeds go directly to the artists. We achieve this by eliminating paid downloads and instead encouraging direct support. Our goal is to establish a fair and sustainable music ecosystem that benefits all parties involved in the industry.

Over the years, many artists have contributed to the predecessor of Aurora Compilations, the compilation series INTENT. We are grateful for their support and appreciate their involvement. It's inspiring to see artists who consistently infuse their music with hope for the future, showing their resilience and determination. If you enjoy the series and want to support the artists involved, please locate the artists on this map and show your support in a way that aligns with their preferences: purchasing their albums, sharing their work, donating to a cause... Any form of support, whether it be financial, emotional, or philosophical, is highly appreciated!

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