INTENT (2020-2023)

Aurora Compilations has evolved from a compilation series focused on intention setting, known as INTENT, which ran from 2020 to 2023. INTENT began before the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, armed conflicts, and global unrest, and has persisted over the years. This album features subjective highlights from the series along with standout selections from a related series curated by Fabian van den Eijnden and LR Friberg under the production alias Atharɘal.

You can download the entire series in MP3 format (320 kbps) using the provided links below. For lossless versions of the albums, you can download them from the authorized* labels that have released the series over the years: Mahorka, Attenuation Circuit, Internet Daemon, uni.Sol_, and Camembert Electrique. We wish to express our gratitude to these labels for their support of the series throughout the years.

This music is stored on the Arweave network (streaming) and IPFS + Internet Archive (downloads), ensuring that the files are available permanently and will be accessible worldwide. While only the first option guarantees permanence, distributing the content in this manner ensures longevity and accessibility regardless of external factors.

This music is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA, allowing you to freely share and build upon the content as long as you give credit to the artists and your derivative work is non-commercial and shared under identical terms. Upon artists' request the Universal Data License can be adopted for files stored on the Arweave network, enabling artists to set their own terms for the music usage.

Download INTENT 2020 (IPFS)

Download INTENT 2021 (IPFS)

Download INTENT 2022 (IPFS)

Download INTENT 2023 (IPFS)

Download Atharɘal (IPFS)

Download Extras (IPFS)

Download All (Internet Archive)

If you enjoy the compilation series and want to support the artists involved, please locate the artists on this map and show your support in a way that aligns with their preferences: purchasing their albums, sharing their work, donating to a cause... Any form of support, whether it be financial, emotional, or philosophical, is highly appreciated! Copy Copied Failed Close