Aurora 2024: Intent To Ascend

The sixth and final volume in the 2024 iteration of the compilation series offers a diverse range of affirming and catchy tracks. With a mix of experimental hip-hop, drum and bass, EDM, and rock music, this set is designed to motivate and inspire listeners to pursue their goals this year. "Intent To Ascend" is sure to get you pumped up and ready to work towards making your dreams a reality!

This music is stored on the Arweave network (streaming) and IPFS + Internet Archive (downloads), ensuring that the files are available permanently and will be accessible worldwide. While only the first option guarantees permanence, distributing the content in this manner ensures longevity and accessibility regardless of external factors.

This music is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA, allowing you to freely share and build upon the content as long as you give credit to the artists and your derivative work is non-commercial and shared under identical terms. Upon artists' request the Universal Data License can be adopted for files stored on the Arweave network, enabling artists to set their own terms for the music usage.

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